Dating Safety

Be Careful

Meeting new people and making friends on the Internet can be both rewarding and fun. However there are some essential safety precautions that should be taken into consideration and followed.

Use a reliable and safe dating site like Dating at 50 Plus

We have a clear Privacy Policy stating that your real name and email address will not be revealed to any person or organisation. Please remember that all messages sent and received from the site are completely secure. You will receive an e-mail notification from ourselves that a message has been received from another member.

It is entirely down to you as to when and how you pass on any personal information such as your personal e-mail address or telephone number. Some other sites do not operate such a policy and you may find that your email address has been passed onto advertisers. You may then find you are the recipient of unwanted junk e-mail and spam.

Ensure that the site you have chosen allows you to block unwanted messages if you are unfortunate enough to be pestered by an unwanted admirer.

Dating at 50 Plus satisfies all of the above criteria and has been especially set up for men and women who fit that age group criteria

Upload your profile and photograph

Be honest about yourself and be clear about the kind of person you are hoping to get to know. This can avoid a lot of disappointment later. Tell people about your hobbies and pastimes. Make it fun to read so that it catches the eye!

Uploading your photo will guarantee a better response. Make sure the photo is clear - head and shoulders is best - that is does not contain other faces and is not your stern looking passport photo!

Try to use a natural smiling photograph. If possible do not use ones that have been taken at a professional studio, as they take away that natural appearance.

Get to know your contact

Do not reveal your home address or place of work before you first meet.

Do not agree to meet anyone until you have exchanged a few messages on the site and then had a conversation on the telephone - you can tell a lot from a persons voice

Try to double check that your contact is genuine - ask a lot of questions and if you find any inconsistencies or think they are hesitant in responding be careful.

Do not pursue any friendships if the contact wants to borrow money for whatever reason and however genuine it sounds do not reveal any financial details such as PIN numbers or bank account details

Meeting for the first time

Arrange to meet for the first time in a busy, public place and keep the first meeting short and of a casual nature. We recommend that all first meetings should be based around a lunch time where you can get to know each other over an hour or two. You are then not committed to a whole evening if you find you do not get along.

Let a member of your family or a friend know where you are going and who you are meeting - preferably give them a photo. Let your date know you are doing this.

Use your own transport or take a taxi and leave if you feel at all uncomfortable.

Phone your home contact during the date and/or as soon as you get home.

Do not invite ANYONE back to your home after the first date - get to know them better first.

Do not feel pressurised into anything.