Help Finding Your New Partner

Getting your profile right !

1. Your Profile Name

It is your Profile Name which gets you noticed first. Try to think of something catchy and interesting! An unusual choice immediately grabs the attention. You could make it the name of a famous film character or someone from a book you have read. Or maybe something to do with your hobby or the way you look - hairstyle or smile.

Do NOT use your real name such as John Smith or Ann Jones

2. Your Profile Caption

This is a few words which allows you to grab the attention of other members. Make it catchy, fun and memorable if possible.

3. Your Profile

There are two rules you should try to adhere to when writing a profile. The first is to tell the truth! If you don't, it can lead to disappointment later. The second is to be positive about yourself.

Even if you think you lead a mundane life, you can still make yourself sound more interesting just by the right choice of words.

Start with a brief description of yourself - your age group (late fifties for instance) type of work you do and area of the country you live in.

Then move onto the things you enjoy doing. These can be as simple as things like taking the dog for a walk, cooking, gardening, reading and seeing the family.

However, if you have more exciting hobbies and pastimes, make sure you include them. Remember for many of us life begins at 50 and allows us to do the things we have dreamt about in the past!

Then finally say a little about your character and the type of person you are hoping to meet. Remember we can not all be outgoing and extrovert. In fact most of us are not in this category. Do not be afraid to say that you are a little shy or reserved when first meeting someone. It all builds a visual picture and will help the other person to know you better when they first meet you.

Of course if you are outgoing and gregarious, make that clear as well. Remember as well that in many cases opposites attract !

You may also wish to include personal preferences on things like smoking, members with children or a like/dislike of animals.

4. Your Photo

Uploading a photo of you will guarantee a better response.

This is very easy to do on the site. If you are not familiar with uploading from your computer, you can either send us a photo which we can scan for you or SMS text from your mobile phone.

Make sure the photo is clear - head and shoulders is best - that is does not contain other faces and that it is not your stern looking passport photo!

Try to use a natural smiling photograph. If possible do not use ones that have been taken at a professional studio, as they take away that natural appearance.

What Next?

Having written your profile don't just wait to be noticed and hope for a message - make the first move!

Once you are a full member, you can send unlimited messages. At the other end the member will get an e-mail notification to say a message is waiting for them in their inbox!

Try it - the very worst that can happen is that you don't get a reply from some people. But then, you might just meet your that new partner and soul mate!